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LASER TOM-LIS CORP. (under new ownership with continuation of excellence in service) is an independent metrology laboratory SPECIALIZING in Granite Surface Plate Calibration, Certification and Resurfacing service.


Our Best Assets:


Experience and personal attention to details of the on site service are the key to our success. Considering sizes & weight of the calibrated objects and their practical immobility, we are focused on field service to provide calibration services with minimal or no interference to customers daily operations.


Our mobile lab is fully equipped & all equipment is thermally insulated, calibrated and certified ready to serve. All instruments are calibrated and certified; traceable to National Institute of Standards (N.I.S.T.). Each surface plate is supplied with manually or computer generated readings as found and as left condition, a calibration sticker and a detailed certificate guaranteed to meet or exceed ASME B89.3.7-2013.


LASER TOM-LIS CORP. is accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board ANAB to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (Certificate No: AC-1305) to meet quality system requirements QS 9000 Third Edition Calibration Services


Surface Plates 12" x 12" and larger are calibrated by use of Laser Doppler Displacement Meter (Optodyne) with unique dual beam design. Computer analysis based on Moody Methode is provided in three basic forms; isometric plot, numerical plot and reading from individual lines. All these plots combined provide necessary data to illustrate overall flatness.


Surface Plates smaller than 12" x 12" are calibrated by custom made In Line Flatness Checkers (as indicated in ASME B89.3.7-2013), various lengths and granite straight edges - with results recorded on a grid chart.


All plates are checked for repeatability readings anywhere within surface plate work area. This is accomplished by use of Starrett Repeat Gage paired with Mahr Supramess/Extramess Indicator.

New:  LASER TOM-LIS CORP. is now accepting VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS payments for services provided.


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